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BREAKING NEWS: The entire (gambling) world has gone to hell in a hand basket

Editor’s note: This post is not to minimize the severity of what’s going on in this unprecedented time.  It’s just a way to write up a couple jokes and pass some time while the Casino Guy is locked in his suburban prison with his family for the foreseeable future… They closed the buffet in Vegas? […]
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What the HELL is going on here!?!? – The Cheering Section at The SLS Las Vegas

There are so many occasions where your boy the Casino Guy is just minding his business and weird shit happens.  Sometimes something goes down that is so befuddling, his brain can’t process what is happening which leads to the question, “What the HELL is going on here!?!?”  This series is dedicated to such events.  Enjoy! […]
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What the HELL is going on here!?!? – Bay Area Table Games

Have you ever been so confused that your brain kind of shuts down?  You can’t come up with the words to ask questions about it (I’m looking at you Inception).  You can’t even fake it and copy what the dude next to you is doing (I’m looking at you Electric Slide).  The only reaction you […]
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