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“Oh well this is my last ha…AND I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD!!!!”

If you’ve seen it once, you seen it a thousand times. Degenerate travels in driving rainstorm 50 minutes each way with a 2 hour window to pick up a “valued player” offer at local casino. Degenerate uses his 20 minutes of free time to play some heavy Blackjack. Degenerate experiences WILD swings heads up (no […]
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Random Thoughts – I freakin’ LOVE Match the Dealer in Blackjack

For the majority of my gambling career, I had always been against the side bets in Blackjack.  Lucky Ladies, 21+3, Super 4 (trash), Perfect Pairs, etc. all seemed like a waste of money to me.  Seemingly never hitting, I would always assume save my dough for the hand to hand combat of the BJ hands.  […]
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