Rapid Reviews – The NY / NJ Loop Part 1B – Rivers Casino – Schenectady

Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady   1 Rush St, Schenectady, NY 12305 Sometimes when the itch needs to be scratched, Casino Guy likes to head out on a little excursion known as a loop.  It’s a chew and screw mission to hit as many places in as little amount of time because I am a […]
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Here comes the BOOM!!! The Cleveland / Detroit loop is here.

The first big loop of 2020 is upon us and the Casino Guy is limping in after a beating at the hands of Ice Cube and Mohegan Sun.  You think these beatings will stop Casino Guy from dipping into his kids college fund or selling off a few herpes drug stocks to make his bankroll?  […]
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Will the Coronavirus stop me from my next casino visit?

Well? You will have to pry my plane ticket from my cold dead hand to keep me from my birthright.  No pandemic is going to keep me from what I do best, especially one from with such a subpar composition – even on a beach with a lime: I have my own antidote to keep […]
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