I’ve never been so wrong in my life, and I am man enough to admit it.

As humans, we grow. We evolve. Opinions change like the wind. Typically, as a knuckle dragging Neanderthal man, it’s hard to admit when you are wrong (f’n Kenny Rogers). As of this day, I, Casino Cornelius Bartholomew Guy III, was dead wrong….


This lady is far more entertaining than playing losing blackjack, trust me.

Following back to back “once-in-a-lifetime” runs on what I think was the same table but a month a part (of course I am guessing the table location as the 16oz tall boy count was through the roof on the first occasion), I can say that this assessment was dead wrong. Sure, losing sucks. But if ya have a good time and walk away with a few stories, losing is something you can swallow like Abella Danger sometimes (no link you perv, look it up yourself). But if you have a good time and walk away with the few stories AND walk away with lots (and I mean LOTS) more money than you started with, what more can you ask for?

This guy right here had it all going for him on these two trips…timely wins, suited matches with FAR too much on the Match the Dealer side bet, splits, doubles, splits then doubles, sticking around for 8 to 10 hands too long costing me thousands…you fucking name it and I had it. The damage done on these trips took me from a lowly orange card holder to a much higher rating with access to the tucked away lounges only the true degenerates can appreciate. To say I am torqued is an understatement.

Mohegan Sun and I have a love hate relationship. Right now she loves me. Tomorrow she will love me not. But the unluckiest place on the planet title will have to go to someone else for the time being (I am looking at you Aria you son of a bitch!). I am going to ride her like Funny Cide for as long as I can (yes, that was a timely 2003 horseracing reference, deal with it)!

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