OUCH!!! And 5 quick thoughts from the Cleveland / Detroit Loop

Man, that was fugly.


Sometimes you need to know when to walk away, know when to run.  After all these years and millions of hands played, I know how to do neither.


We drove lots of miles and visited a bunch of new places but the story remained pretty much the same the whole time – when the cards run cold, they just run cold.  Some places ticked the berries a little but for the most part, it was a good ole fashioned kick in the balls around every turn.

I will do a rapid review of each of the new stops but here are 5 quick thoughts from the trip:

    1. There are no people in Cleveland – I don’t know if it’s Coronavirus or SARS or Ebola, but the streets of Cleveland were pretty dead.  The streets were dead, traffic was non-existent and there was a general lack of lifeforms that made things feel like a zombie apocalypse movie.  The casino was “busy”, especially after the Celtics / Cavs game on Wednesday, but still wasn’t extremely packed.  Maybe my opinion is skewed because of where I live and work, but at one point I thought I was going to see Will Smith and a German Shepard hunting for food and renting a movie from a mannequin.Thank god for the dealer at JACK Cleveland named Liberty to restore my faith that the gambling god’s hadn’t completely written me off.  Much more on her in later post.
    2. The Little Caesars Arena in Detroit is fucking awesome – Nothing really to add here but if you can find a way to see a game in this barn jump all over it.  ALSO, there amount of scenery at the Friday night Red Wings/Black Hawks game would rival any event I’ve ever seen.
    3. I’ve been to 332 place now and there has never been an uglier crowd than at Motor City Casino in Detroit – I will get into this later but what a collection of fucking misfits at this place.  Here is an accurate representation of what I am talking about:odd
    4. No side Blackjack side game is better than Match the Dealer –  Super 4, Perfect Pair, Blazing 7s, Lucky Lucky, Royal Crown 21 can all suck a big fat one.  Match the Dealer 4 Life!4life
    5. I am gassed – End of statement.

Good times, noodle salad (name that reference smart guy…).  On to the next one, which better be more profitable or I am going to need to refinance the house.


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