Will the Coronavirus stop me from my next casino visit?


You will have to pry my plane ticket from my cold dead hand to keep me from my birthright.  No pandemic is going to keep me from what I do best, especially one from with such a subpar composition – even on a beach with a lime:


I have my own antidote to keep me safe:

Eat it Coronavirus!!!  Nothin’ gonna stop me!!!jugger

(It will be just my luck that I am in the middle of the biggest outbreak in modern civilizations history.  Imagine if I am identified as Patient Zero in my area.  Classic Casino Guy.  Poor Gwyneth, she stood no chance.  And what the fuck was up with Matt Damon’s hair in this movie?  It’s like he jumped off the set of a Jason Bourne flick and said, “fuck it ALL” and let himself go completely before shooting this bad boy.)

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