2 Down, 20 To Go……

As I mentioned before, 2020 looks like a busy year for Casino Guy.  Thousands of miles, lots of new places, some old stand-bys are all sitting out there waiting to be face f***** (again, we have some family members reading this shit) by Casino Guy this year.

The first stop was a little night out with some pals that, admittedly across the board, do not gamble as much as your boy.  The goal is see if we can all sit at one table and hoot and holler, play a few hands and drink a bunch before the wives find out where we went.  Needless to say, the drinking a bunch part was the only piece that actually happened.

We played some hands, but with little success.  We hooted and hollered but only to voice our collective displeasure with the never-ending string of 5 card fucking 20s pulled by the dealers.  As much as I wanted to play all night and go home rich, I got beat in the first session of the night pretty good.  Even when the gents around the table would ask, I told them what I thought was the right play and EVERY time, I ended up being wrong.  That’s when you know it just ain’t your night.

DISCLAIMER – Like I said before (yup, that’s a second link to the same article from a couple weeks ago), I have fucking pneumonia leading into this night out.  Also, I was not in great drinking shape being out of the game for a while.  The second half of the night out was a complete mystery.  I have not definitive idea on what happened after I magically ended up with a shot of god-knows-what in my hand around 11PM.  Needless to say, I went back to the tables during the band’s set break and that’s where I will reenact what happened next in a series of illustrations:





Just completely lit like 20 units on fire.  I’m sure it was fun.  I sure it was memorable, just not by me.

(Quite honestly, if security footage came out and it showed I dropped a bunch of money in the toilet or gave a couple hundred dollar tip on a $5.75 Bud Light tall boy – multiple time, I would not be shocked).

Licking my wounds, I headed back to the scene of the crime last weekend with every intention of just going to see the concert and then heading home.  Well, the liquid courage took over and I sought out to hammer the blackjack tables at the intermission and then afterwards.  I cover it in the recent Hall of Fame nomination, but the Cliffs Notes version is:

  1. Match the Dealer KICKS ASS!!!!!
  2. It’s time to run when someone hits on 14 against a dealer 6.
  3. I love action and would have split my 7s five times if they allowed me to.

After all was said and done that night, I walked away with way more units that I lit on fire the previous weekend.hellyes

And wouldn’t you know it, I am right back at the scene of the crime for another concert and probably a few more hands.  Why the fuck not right? imback

3 weekends in a row.  I don’t have a problem.  You have a problem.  Don’t judge me!!!!

If we are keeping score:

2020 overall – More units that what I started with

(P.S. I secretly love Twin River in Lincoln, RI.  Hi @twinrivercasino.  Keep sending those free concert tickets!)

(P.S.S.  No lie, I think I am going a little further south to see another free concert at Mohegan Sun (@MoheganSun) the following weekend.  Do you think Casino Guy should go see Ice Cube at the most unluckiest place on earth?  Let me know!)

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