Inaugural Hall of Fame Class Nominee – The Craps Game at Greektown Casino in Detroit Rock City

The Hall of Fame Series will be the cream of the crop, the most ridiculous of the absolute ridiculous and the best or worst. You can count on the Casino Guy Reviews HoF to represent only the top of the food chain in gaming. At the end of the year, we will ask you to vote on who will get in and who will have to get back in line with Barry Bonds and the other rejects. And without further ado, Casino Guy Reviews presents another nominee for the prestigious CGR Hall of Fame:

Electric. Its a phrase that gets tossed around a lot. If you listen to Riggs from Barstool Sports, you will hear that word in various forms of emphasis dropped 6 times a show and on Twitter relentlessly**. I like to be a little more judicious with the use of this powerful term. You don’t just see or hear something electric, you feel it. I played craps in downtown Detroit, and buddy let me tell you, I felt it. It was electric.

My never ending quest to gamble at every casino in the world took me to the fine city of Detroit. It was hot summer day in August and the entire city was looking for shelter from the heat. Sure, I hit the 3 casinos in Detroit that trip and another across the river in Windsor, Ontario. But one casino had magic that day. And that casino was Greektown.

We’ve all seen the famous Chappelle show clip of the Marcy Projects World Series of Dice (shout-out Ashy Larry).

The craps tables at Greektown were filled with characters that could have passed as extras in that skit. So here comes a few old school wrasslin’ references because that is how my simple brain works. You had spitting images of the Jive Soul Bro Slick. The Natural Butch Reed was standing next to a dude who was literally dressed like KoKo B Ware. Hand to God if Wing Woman #1 and I weren’t standing next to the landlord from Coming to America, I don’t know who it was. The star of the table, the man with bones in his hand for the better part of the day was a taller version of The Weeknd, well prior to letting his hair look like an anteater.


A murderers row of characters at this dice game.

Your typical craps game is about shooting numbers and throwing points before for you throw a 7. Press your bets, go heavy on the odds, throw in the come line here and there and you hope someone gets hot on the dice. Throw a few points back-to-back and I would call that a successful roll. This game was a LIIIITTLE different. All the cats from the neighborhood have moved their games indoors (like I said it was hot) and said “why we taking money away from each other? Let’s go beat the shit out of The Man”.  No one was betting on the Don’t Pass line, which is probably half the action at the local game.  The focus was also not on points. Hardways, Yo’s, Horns, C&Es, hop bets, that’s how you hurt the man and double that check you just cashed at the cage.

The Weeknd was a ball of fire on the hardways.  And the table was rockin’.  I was probably the only person who didn’t have money on any of the hard ways.  I always play heavy across the board, come bets and full odds on the pass. I’m into the table for a pretty penny even before the first exotic is rolled. seinfeld-black-white-cookieI am literally the only dude betting on the outside. This wasn’t the only way that we are out of place. The Jive Soul Bro Slick next to me leans over and says, “You and your lady are like a couple drops of milk in a bowl of ink.” Still to this day one of the funniest, most politically incorrect (and truest) thing ever said to me and I loved it. He laughed, we laughed, the stickman had to stop to compose himself. But just like the black and white cookie from Seinfeld we came together for one common goal, and that was to ride the Weeknd’s hot stubby fingers for as long as possible (WOW that sounds bad…even for me).

The noise and commotion generated by a bunch of dudes (not to profile here but…) who had likely never seen a gravy train like the Weeknd’s roll and the money that followed when he popped back-to-back Horn Highs (12s) then two rolls later back-to-back-to-back Horn Lows (2s) was nothing short of remarkable.  mabelNo one gave two shits about this guy rolling two front line winners (four and five) or the cavalcade of numbers he rolled. Nope.  Hardways baby!  It was absolutely…..electric.  Fist pounds, high fives, catchy phrases like “dip, dip, dip, dip” on winners – forgot to mention that guy who was a mountain of a human like Mabel for f’s sake.  What the hell did “dip, dip, dip, dip!” mean?  To hell if I knew.  You think I am going to ask this monolith?  Fuck no.  Just smile and move on.

It eventually came to an end, but if you didn’t have goosebumps after every winning number and a stack of money in front of you when all was said and done, then you simply don’t have a pulse.

Because of this electricity, we hereby nominate the craps game at the Greektown Casino in Detroit, MI for induction into CGR Hall of Fame.

HoF Resume (Scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest):

  1. Situational Greatness: 8 – There are a lot of craps games but none were as special in the moment as this one was.  A True Tom Brady/John Elway/David Ortiz/Tiger Woods moment
  2. Absurdity: 9 – All you need to do is look at the line-up of cats that graced the table that day.  That is the definition of absurd.
  3. Statistical Excellence: 9.5 – For the Weeknd to hit that many prop bets in one roll was nothing short of improbable.
  4. Uniqueness: 7 – The characters were one of a kind, but craps turns over every rock to find the creme de la creme of misfits all over the world which keeps this score from being a 10.  The “bowl of ink” line was a true one-of-a-kinder that sticks with me today.
  5. “It” factor: 8.5 – This table generated so much buzz from around the casino, there were people standing 2 to 3 deep to smell what the Weeknd was cookin’ or see WTF was going on (or to find out how these two folks who were clearly from out of town got in the mix).

Hall of Fame Score: 42.0

Have something you want to nominate, comment below or post it on Twitter at @casinoguyreview

**Your honor, I present Exhibit A.


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