That’s Mr. 300 to you pal!

Milestones – Some are bigger than others that’s for sure. And boy did we hit a big one recently.
The lead up to the New Year is truly the most vomit inducing time to be on the Interwebs. From “inspirational” quotes on social media to every basic in the world talking about how next year is going to be their year, no fear, taking control, kicking ass, blah blah blah….

Yup, hashtag me too pal. Here is what I know – it’s good to have some personal goals in life. Drop a couple LBs, make more money, get that technology degree from ITT Tech, play just the tip a few times more than last year, etc. Put that shit out on the web or not, I don’t care but fully expect a solid no response when you do. But to stick with the New Year’s theme, I am going to sprinkle some famous quotes into this personal ball washing to seem hip and down with what the kids are doing these days. So here is goes:

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” ~ Rose Kennedy

As a little boy, I always wanted to be special and do special things. But what was my gift? I quickly found out my gift was the ability to cast aside almost all responsibilities and find a way to gamble on just about anything that wasn’t tied down. Throughout life, this gift did/didn’t pay but I always got a cool story along the way. As the experiences started to add up, I started to keep track of things. And if you track things, you set goals. And if you set goals, you celebrate milestones along the way.
My goal was to gamble at everyplace in world (see this page or this page). And I would celebrate each time I hit a new 100 places. And in 2018, I celebrated for the 3rd time. Crossing over the 300 milestone with Wing Man #2 in Old Vegas seemed appropriate. A grimy, smelly place with odd characters all around and with a Bud Light in my hand, I got murdered in 12 minutes.


I would venture a guess that was the same scenario as half the places I have hit. In case you are wondering, that is A LOT of fucking places. It’s not Wilt Chamberlain or Gene Simmons type numbers, but it’s a least Bill Clinton or Tiger Woods. As far as cool moments, I will try and document a lot of them on this website – some told with some facts missing to protect the innocent, but all recalled with the truth leading the way. The most important thing is now I can stop telling people, “I have gambled at almost 300 places.” I have already had business cards printed with Mr. 300 on them.

“I think one of life’s great milestones is when a person can look back and be almost as thankful for the setbacks as for the victories.” ~ Bob Dole

I think Bob Dole can stuff this saying up his with his good arm. At no point was I thankful for dropping a mortgage payment at a table on or a bad string of bowl games. Great milestones comes when you succeed. Milestones with too many setbacks =

Pull that ripcord and get the f out.
(See what I did there, classing this stinkburger up a bit…)
Mr. Mandela is right. What does the road ahead hold? Well, for starters, I am already barrel-assing towards 400 with so many potential loops on the horizon.

***SHAMELESS PLUG – If you want someone to plan your next gambling trip or guy’s weekend, click here!!!**

Second thing will be for this site to provide you, the sophisticated gambler, a view into what is really important like what ply toilet paper is in the handicap stall at the new Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City (review coming soon) and how much a drink will cost you at MGM National Harbor (another coming soon).
I am Mr. 300 bitch. Feels good to say it finally.
im-mr-300-bitch(Seriously, prime Britney and current Britney have to be in the All-Time Top 40 conversation. We will forget crazy, bald Britney Men in Black sytle….)

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