Why CasinoGuyReviews.com?

Why come to me and my band of merry men and women to help plan your next gambling trip?  One word – tremendous credibility and a wealth of experience.

People love to gamble, but I love to gamble more.  Let’s get nerdy for a second: there are close to 1,000 commercial casinos or Class III facilities in North America.  I have been to about 25% of the open properties, with an additional 50 or so that have been closed down.  I am not a professional tournament poker player or a trust fund baby traveling around daddy’s nickle.  Regular guy, with a job and a family here.  I just have a really cool hobby that I am passionate about.cropped-wp-1538485171534-e1541668640976.jpg

If you want to throw in horse and dog tracks, cruise boats, gas station slots, corner store OTBs (I am looking at you Great Britain) and bingo halls, there are 8,221 fucking places worldwide and I am going to hit them all – ok, I am probably not going to step foot in all the Dotty’s Slots in Vegas or travel to Casino Suleimaniya in Iraq, but its going to be fun to try.

Keep up with my progress on our official gambling joint counter and take a look at the tracking map.  If there are places you want me to go to and review, hit me up on Twitter or click on the email link and drop me a note.

Let’s make some magic!

“Show me a guy who has been to 300 gambling places and I will show you the coolest and most credible casino reviewing guy on the planet!”  — Anonymous – August 2018


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