I’m Going Old School Baby!

It’s time again.  Like dusting off the old Members Only jacket, I am going old school.  To a wrestling fan, that means this:


To a hip hop fan, it’s a little of this:

To a movie fan, it probably means this:


For me, it means renting a car and going on a good ole fashioned loop like this:


That’s right.  A few places I have not been to yet are somewhat close to each other you say?  Fantastic.  Let’s hammer out 8 places in an afternoon, chew and screw style, and check more boxes off on my way to casino world domination.  Less than one week from now, I will have crossed a milestone number of places, made a speech tearfully thanking everyone for coming along with me on this journey in front of a massive audience (of likely one dude – thanks Wingman #2) and its all because of loops like this.  A little planning, a little research and a lot of time/bankroll management.

Nothing screams Casino Guy like a good loop (ok, maybe this video, but that’s it).

If you want to travel and gamble like the Casino Guy, click here to learn more.  Wish me luck.



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